DF-656 Electric Winch

NABRICO DF-656 Electric Winch
NABRICO DF-656 Electric Winch
  • Free-wheeling cable pull out.
  • Handwheel provision for manual operation.
  • Oversized sprockets and chain.
  • Inverter/vector duty marine double coated epoxy dipped motor.
  • Moisture resistant varnish dipped motor windings with tropical protection.
  • Mechanical locking dog.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Insulation system conforms NEMA MG1-1998, section
  • Precision machined side plates, gears and shafts to maintain proper gear tooth engagement and minimize wear.
  • Winch blasted near-white with a 3-part marine grade epoxy paint.
  • Gearmotor painted with aliphatic polyurethane paint with 316 stainless steel flake and is very corrosion resistant.