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NABRICO Anchor Winch
NABRICO Mooring Winch

NABRICO is a full line supplier of electric and hydraulic anchor winches, mooring winches and windlasses. We will custom fit each anchor winch, mooring winch or windlass to your specific application to ensure the best possible configuration. Our winches can be fitted with warping heads and level winds along with many of our other standard features such as a locking dog, drum band brake and a three coat zinc and epoxy paint system. NABRICO’s hydraulic anchor winches can also be equipped with an electric auxiliary power source to operate the winch in case of a hydraulic failure. Please contact NABRICO for a quote specified to meet your requirements.

  • Hydraulic or electric motor with fail safe brake motor.
  • 4-way control valve mounted and piped on the winch.
  • Manually operated band brake with stainless steel brake and steel hand wheel.
  • Lever operated machined jaw clutch.
  • Wire rope level wind for uniform lay or wire on the drum.
  • Ratchet and pawl type holding dog on the drum.
  • Fabricated steel construction.
  • Three coat zinc and epoxy paint system.
  • Electric or hydraulic power.
  • Jaw clutched drum.
  • Single or double warping heads.
  • Spur gear reduction operating in oil bath.
  • Level wind available.
  • Drum band brake and holding dog.
  • Drum capacity and line pull to meet customer requirements.
  • Other sizes and features available.
  • Other available offshore deck machinery: mooring winches, towing winches, anchors, chain and capstans.
  • Contact NABRICO with your specific requirements.