DF-3 Winch

NABRICO DF-3 Painted Manual Winch
NABRICO DF-3 Galvanized Manual Winch
  • Revolutionary new high load release dog system.
  • High load release brake with secondary anti-backlash drag brake that is activated automatically with the release of the dog.
  • High load release brake is a multi-disc system that incorporates all stainless steel moving parts.
  • Fastest acting and most powerful brake available.
  • 4 bolt hub removable handwheel.
  • New simpler heavy duty ratchet assembly with no springs or levers.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Totally enclosed drive train with the smallest deck foot print in the industry.
  • Easy to repair.
  • All stainless steel and silicon bronze fasteners, including separator rods.
  • 3-ply conveyer belt covers (damage and corrosion-resistant).
  • Saltwater package standard with 3-part paint system.
  • Galvanized coating available.
  • Heaviest winch in its class.
  • True right and left hand models for use in pairs.